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Be the Leader

What would the world be life if more people answered the call to leadership?
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Course Description

There is a lot spoken and written about leadership these days—both the absence and impact of it on today’s society and life in general. We use the term loosely at times and like other words such as "beauty"—we don't honestly know how to describe it, but we know it when we see it. Yet, there has perhaps never been a time when genuine leadership has been more needed. What if more leaders were available to change the moment and inspire others to achieve life change? What would the world be like if more people answered the call to leadership? Be The Leader is a call to action for you, the ministry or organization you lead. God’s kingdom work demands focused, able and obedient persons to step forward and answer the call to lead. You can make a difference…NOW!

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Bill Isaacs

Bill Isaacs serves both as Senior Pastor of Lake Erie Church and as the Executive Director for the Center for Pastor Excellence, a global strategy for equipping pastors in the Church of God. He has served the Church of God as evangelist, pastor, state youth director and Administrative Bishop (Louisiana, Ohio). Bill has degrees from Lee University and Regent University in pastoral leadership and strategic foresight and a doctorate in Strategic Leadership/Organizational Systems. Married to Shelley Fleming, they have two sons Jeremy and Jason who are pastors and eight grandchildren. All of these craft a philosophy of ministry centered on relationships with God, with others, and helping leaders reach their kingdom potential.
Patrick Jones - Course author