DOE1 Conversation

The Importance of Leadership

Leadership Styles and Embracing Authenticity
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Course Description

In this series of conversations with Gary Lewis, you will gain valuable insights into the world of leadership, especially in a Christian context. The course explores the principles of leadership, the importance of mentorship, transparency, and maintaining connections with the younger generation. It emphasizes the significance of integrity, trust in God's guidance, and a servant-hearted approach to leadership. Throughout the course, Gary Lewis shares his own experiences, anecdotes, and wisdom, offering practical advice for both emerging and established leaders. The key takeaways include the importance of integrity, embracing one's unique leadership style, staying transparent and open in leadership, and actively engaging with and mentoring young individuals. The course serves as an inspiring guide for anyone seeking to grow as a leader in their personal and spiritual journey.
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Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Gary Lewis

Hello, I am Gary Lewis, and I hope to empower individuals with the knowledge and wisdom needed to excel in their leadership roles within the Church of God and beyond. My goal is to share valuable insights from my own experiences, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, authenticity, and staying connected with younger generations. Through these conversations, I aim to instill a sense of responsibility in leaders to actively engage with youth and foster an environment where transparency and vulnerability are embraced.

I want to equip emerging ministers and leaders with the tools and guidance to navigate their journeys effectively, emphasizing the significance of maintaining their personal relationship with God and nurturing family ties. The final session will serve as a reminder of the foundational principles of integrity and trust in God's guidance, encouraging leaders to stay true to their values and lead with humility. Ultimately, I teach this course to inspire and support leaders in their quest to make a positive impact in their communities while staying rooted in faith and servitude.
Patrick Jones - Course author