DOE1 Event


Conversations with a variety of renowned leaders and doctors to discuss learning, strategies for effective learning, and the proper mindset regarding education.
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Course Description

Advance features influential leaders and accredited speakers to inform listeners on the benefits and importance associated with lifelong learning! This course features the lectures from the Advance Online Summit from March 2022. This summit was put on by the Division of Education and aims to equip listeners with the benefits of lifelong learning, and help provide them with effective strategies, methods, and mindsets! You don’t want to miss this powerful, ground-breaking conversation!

Course Lessons

Event Speakers
Dr. Tim Hill
Presiding Bishop, Church of God
Dr. Tim Hill invokes the value of developing your leadership skills and culture in a fast-paced, driven world. You’ll discover just how meaningful it will be for your passions and gifts, if you invest in personal development.
Dr. David Ramírez
Assistant General Overseer, Division Director of Education
Dr. David Ramírez will share the value of finding creative ways to share your faith with others. As we discover new, exciting ways to spread messages of hope virtually, you’ll be inspired to learn virtually as well to further the Kingdom of God.
Dr. Daniel J. Vassell, Sr.
Mobilize Coordinator, Division of Educati
Dr. Daniel J. Vassell, Sr. brings the importance of preparing ourselves for God’s Kingdom work to light in his discussion of Mobilizing Laity for the Harvest. You’ll come away understanding the need to immerse yourself in the preparation for God’s work.
Dr. Fred Garmon
Founder and CEO, LeaderLabs Inc.
Dr. Fred Garmon comes from a strong background in leadership development and will speak on Train toward your strengths: Character, Competence, and Compassion to Serve. Not only should you identify the gifts God has given to you, it is vital that you continuously develop that gift.
Dr. Deborah Murray
Provost, Lee University
Dr. Deborah Murray will share on the topic of Education Today and Future. As a leader in the development of youth programs and people, she will bring new ways of thinking about education to the forefront for you.
Paula Hill
International Women's Ministry Director, Church of God
Paula Hill will join us via interview to discuss the many facets of women’s ministry and how you can be a part of that growth within the COG, as well as with a missional mindset to reach the lost around you.
Pamela Brewer
Co-Director of Discipleship, Church of God
Rev. Pamela R. Brewer serves as Co-Director of Women’s Discipleship and Men’s Discipleship. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to their positions of ministry.
Erica Reynolds
Ordained Minister, Church of God
Rev. Erica C Reynolds is a licensed minister with the Church of God denomination. She served as worship pastor for the Musical Arts Department of New Life Celebration Church, in Dolton, IL. She preaches and teaches the gospel and was a Junior High teacher for New Life Celebration Christian Academy in Dolton, IL.