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Bows and Arrows

Learn a biblical model to develop a powerful multigenerational ministry.
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Course Description

This course has been designed to help pastors and ministers understand the importance of multi-generational ministry and the spiritual rites of passage which accompany mentoring and spiritual fathering. God has designed ministry to be perpetuated through generational influences. The absence of generational oversight entitles ministers to build “their own” ministry instead of doing Kingdom ministry. We must pass the torch to finish the race which has been run by champions for 2000 years. This course will inspire you and give you courage to sync up with other generations.

Course Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: A Biblical Model for Multigenerational Ministry
  • Lesson 2: Bows without Arrows/Arrows without Bows
  • Lesson 3: Running Together: Speed and Wisdom
  • Lesson 4: Theology Needs Technology
  • Lesson 5: Mentoring and Fathering
  • Lesson 6: Rites of Passage

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Bryan Cutshall

I am Bryan Cutshall and I have committed my life to training ministers from every generation. I accomplish this through three ministries of which I serve as President: Bryan Cutshall Ministries, Church Trainer, and the International School of the Word. This course is foundational to a minister because we must all commit to raising up a new generation of ministers, as well as, honoring the life and service of those who have served and paid the price. We must uphold a standard of honor and ethics which can only be found in servant-hearted leaders. This course gives you a roadmap to accomplish these things. It is instructional, practical, and spiritual.
Patrick Jones - Course author