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Christian Ethics in the 21st Century

Unpacking the Three Dimensions of Christian Ethics
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Course Description

The "Christian Ethics in the 21st Century" course, led by Rev. Pamela Brewer, covers various dimensions of Christian ethics. The course starts by emphasizing the importance of walking in the truth as prescribed by Scripture. It explores the three dimensions of Christian ethics: "God's Commands," which involve explicit biblical guidelines; "God's Character," focusing on deeper principles underlying these commands; and "The Heart of God," highlighting the need to understand God's nature for ethical decision-making.

Each lesson delves deeper into these dimensions, with an emphasis on moving beyond mere rule-following to develop a profound relationship with Christ. The course stresses the transformative power of God's character and the need for believers to understand the heart of God to make ethical decisions more predictably. It also discusses the dangers of legalistic rule-following without a genuine connection with God. Throughout the course, the central theme is that Christian ethics should be deeply ingrained in one's character and actions, necessitating both the external rules of God's commands and the internalized development of God's character for making sound ethical choices in the complex landscape of the 21st century. The course also encourages believers to speak the truth in love, show compassion, and turn the world right-side up through their ethical conduct.
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Course Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction and First Dimension of Christian Ethics
  • Lesson 2: The Second Dimension of Christian Ethics
  • Lesson 3: Third Dimension of Christian Ethics
  • Lesson 4: Key Scriptures and Sin
  • Lesson 5: Faith Formation
  • Lesson 6: Personal Application

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Pamela Brewer

Hello, I am Pamela Brewer. I serve as the Director of Church of God International Women’s Discipleship and I am delighted you decided to take this course on Christian Ethics in the 21st Century. My motivation for teaching this course would be to help students realize that Christian ethics is not merely a matter of adhering to rules but a transformative journey of understanding God's character, principles, and heart. I would want them to see that their faith should be more than a set of guidelines but a deeply ingrained aspect of who they are, shaping their character, actions, and relationships. This course would aim to encourage a personal connection with Christ, emphasizing the importance of knowing, being, and doing in the context of Christian ethics. Ultimately, my goal as an instructor would be to empower students to live out the truth in their daily lives and interactions, following in the footsteps of Christ, and spreading love, compassion, and grace in a world that often seems upside down.

Patrick Jones - Course author