DOE1 Original

Diplomacy and Emotional Intelligence

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Course Description

Dr. Fred Garman addresses the challenges faced by ministry leaders, particularly in the context of a changing world and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasizes the need for leadership skills, noting that many pastors are considering leaving the ministry due to the difficulties of bringing change to churches resistant to it. Dr. Garman highlights the importance of leadership, contrasting it with management, and suggests that the church is facing a predicament with too many managers and not enough leaders. He discusses the essential role of communication in leadership, stating that leadership is fundamentally about conversations and casting a compelling vision for the future.

The speaker also delves into the concept of servant leadership, drawing inspiration from biblical references, particularly Jesus' model of serving others. He stresses the idea that leadership is not a single skill but a collection of skills, and effective leadership involves making deposits into emotional bank accounts, earning the right to lead. Dr. Garman acknowledges the challenges of leading in a rapidly changing world and urges ministry leaders to embrace the uncertainty and lead with courage. He concludes by emphasizing the need for ministers to understand the times, navigate uncharted territory, and commit to a mission that requires strong leadership.

Overall, the lesson explores the complexities of ministry leadership in a modern context, touching on issues of change, communication, and the courage required to lead in challenging times.

Course Lessons