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Global Leadership

Navigating Cultural Diversity and Communication
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Course Description

In today's interconnected world, effective global leadership is essential for church leaders and pastors tasked with fulfilling the Great Commission, and making disciples of all nations. This comprehensive course equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to lead in culturally diverse settings, bridge cultural gaps, and promotes diversity and inclusion within congregations. Grounded in biblical principles and informed by extensive research, this course delves into critical topics, including global mindset development, cultural dimensions, motivation theories, and cross-cultural communication.
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Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Dr. Thomas Rosson

Hello, I am Dr. Thomas Rosson, a seasoned educator, researcher, and practitioner with a deep passion for equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to lead effectively in a global and culturally diverse context. My commitment to teaching this course stems from the profound importance of global leadership in today's world, as highlighted in the text. The imperative of the Great Commission and the interconnected nature of our global community demand leaders who possess a "global mindset" and can navigate cultural differences, foster diversity and inclusion, and promote the teachings of Christianity across diverse ethnic groups. With a strong background in biblical principles and an understanding of the intricate dynamics of cross-cultural leadership, I am dedicated to helping participants develop the insights, tools, and cultural sensitivity required to lead with excellence. In this course, we will explore the rich biblical foundations of global leadership, delve into cultural dimensions, examine motivation theories within the context of diverse cultures, and master the art of effective cross-cultural communication.
Patrick Jones - Course author