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How to Minister to Another Minister

This course discusses how to mentor other ministers to help them to fulfill their God-given call.
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Course Description

This course has been designed to help a successful Christian minister to mentor another minister. It will show the reasons that mentoring is an excellent way to train another minister, as well as discuss the methods which make mentoring work. The pastor will learn how to develop partnerships for growth with staff members and with younger ministers. This course is an important building block for raising up the next generation of ministers.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Dr. Dwain Pyeatt

I am Dwain Pyeatt, formally serving as international coordinator for the Church of God Division of Education. As a pastor, I have often wished that I had taken more time with an experienced pastor, in order to learn the methods of successful ministry before I began my own pastoral service. Now, I want to pass along the things that I have learned to newer ministers through mentoring. This course will show my generation of ministers how to bless the next generation of ministers through partnerships for growth—mentoring.
Patrick Jones - Course author