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How to Use "Best Practices" for Innovation

Learn and execute various types of innovation to remain relevant in a world that is constantly changing.
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Course Description

This course is designed for pastors to learn the best practices for innovation. Pastors will learn the various types of innovation and how to execute innovation to remain relevant in a world that is constantly changing. Topics include the urgency of innovation, our internal capacity for innovation, community partnerships, and systems that support innovation. The course also looks at Ebenezer Urban Ministry Center in New York as a model for innovation. This is an important course for pastors for embracing and implementing innovation in today’s world to build the Kingdom of God as they walk in obedience to His will. 

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Bishop R.C. Hugh Nelson

Hello, I am Bishop R.C. Hugh Nelson and I am a man of God committed to a ministry of restoration that reaches beyond the sanctuary, to uplift those most in need. I serve as senior pastor for the Church of God of East Flatbush where guidance and focus on leadership development enabled the church to evolve from a single cell church model into a vibrant Urban Ministry Center that is home to more than 1,700 members and ministers to over 2,500 on a weekly basis. I am teaching the course, "Best Practices for Innovation," that it might be helpful for your journey and your location.
Patrick Jones - Course author