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LeaderLABS 3.0

Competency-Based Training for Ministry Development
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Course Description

LeaderLABS 3.0 is a competency-based ministerial training and development program led by Dr. Fred Garman. It focuses on establishing a benchmarking process to set standards for excellence in various ministerial positions, ensuring individuals are well-equipped to navigate their roles effectively. The program consists of eight segmented leader labs comprising over 40 concise and substantive videos, designed to be consumed in bite-sized portions for optimal learning and reflection. Through this series, participants explore the importance of self-awareness, job fit, and divine calling in ministry, acknowledging that leadership can be learned and developed. By understanding one's fit within an organization or denomination, individuals can increase their chances of finding roles where their gifts and vision align, ultimately fostering personal growth and preventing burnout often associated with mismatched positions in ministry.
Students are encouraged to engage in deliberate self-assessment to determine their compatibility with specific roles, organizations, or denominations. The program addresses the challenges and realities of ministry, including the pressures and expectations placed on leaders, and offers insights to navigate these complexities effectively. With a focus on defining reality and adapting to constant crises, LeaderLABS 3.0 emphasizes the importance of rapid skill acquisition and adaptation for leaders to succeed in today's dynamic environment. Through the benchmarking process, participants are guided to identify the competencies, skills, and knowledge required for their roles, establishing a high standard for training and development to support their journey in ministry.

Why Benchmarking is Important.

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Course Lessons:

  • LAB 1: Where Do You Fit? (6 Lessons)
  • LAB 2: Leadership 101: Finding the courage to Lead (6 Lessons)
  • LAB 3: Leadership 201 (6 Lessons)
  • LAB 4: Behaviors, Driving Forces, and Competencies (5 Lessons)
  • LAB 5: Personal Accountability (6 Lessons)
  • LAB 6: Conflict Strategies (5 Lessons)
  • LAB 7: Team Development (5 Lessons)
  • LAB 8: Derailment Prevention (6 Lessons)

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Dr. Fred Garmon

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