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Leadership in Ministry

Leading effectively our congregations and organizations.
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Course Description

Today’s pastor is called upon to shepherd the flock and LEAD an organization—and LEADERSHIP requires not one new skill but a collection of skills relevant to his or her specific context.

This course looks at the topic of LEADERSHIP in the context of ministry. We examine timely characteristics, principles, and concepts essential to leading in what is now being referred to as “the church on the other side.” In the past, the pastor’s primary job was “managing” the congregation, but we now find ourselves in a strange place. It seems the ground has shifted beneath our feet, and simple management of the status quo will no longer do. Leaders are needed.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Dr. Fred Garmon

Hello. I’m Dr. Fred Garmon.

I served as a Senior Pastor for 25 years and in a mission field for a decade. I’m presently the Executive Director and Founder of LeaderLabs, a Non-Profit leadership development ministry. My passion is the development of excellent ministerial leaders and for the reason i developed this course for you.

The study of leadership is a fascinating and inspiring topic that has captivated my attention for decades. One day during my PhD studies I leaned back in my chair and asked, “Where has this stuff been?” Two university degrees and no one had ever taught me how to lead a staff, deal with conflict, or navigate change. I have now made it my goal to help ministers, as Paul told Titus, “to set in order the things that are lacking.”
Patrick Jones - Course author