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Paths in Ministry

Building Bridges to Connect the Church and Community
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Course Description

The course "Paths in Ministry," hosted by David Ramírez, offers profound insights and practical wisdom from Pastor Jerry Madden of Praise Cathedral Church of God in Greer, South Carolina. Throughout the series, Madden shares his experiences and reflections on various aspects of pastoral leadership, emphasizing authenticity, vulnerability, and the importance of an authentic Pentecostal church. Madden's passionate quest for authenticity underscores the significance of genuine relationships, both with congregants and with God, in fostering a thriving church community. He advocates for pastors to embrace imperfection and transparency, recognizing that authenticity breeds hope and attracts others to the message of Christ.

Moreover, Madden addresses the challenges pastors face in maintaining freshness and vitality in ministry. He offers practical strategies for spiritual and physical self-care, highlighting the necessity of rest, exercise, and occasional breaks from pastoral duties to prevent burnout. Additionally, Madden emphasizes the importance of anchoring one's vision for ministry in God's character and presence, rather than solely focusing on church growth or programs. By rooting their ministry in a deep understanding of God's unchanging nature, pastors can navigate challenges with resilience and continue serving their congregations faithfully. The course concludes with a heartfelt prayer for pastors worldwide, highlighting the transformative power of anchoring one's ministry in God's vision and faithfulness.

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Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Jerry Madden

Pastor Jerry Madden, a seasoned leader with a rich background in both ministry and corporate life, has embarked on the journey of teaching the "Paths in Ministry" course with a profound sense of purpose. Drawing from his extensive experience as a pastor at the Cathedral Church of God in South Carolina, Madden understands the complexities and challenges that aspiring ministers may encounter along their path. Through heartfelt interviews and insightful reflections, Madden offers invaluable lessons on authenticity, relational ministry, and the transformative power of embracing one's imperfections. His passion for cultivating genuine connections within the church community, coupled with his unwavering commitment to serving God authentically, shines through in every session.

Moreover, Madden's teachings extend beyond the confines of traditional ministry, addressing the pressing need for pastors to adapt to changing demographics and societal dynamics, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a keen emphasis on self-care and spiritual nourishment, Madden equips pastors with practical strategies to maintain freshness and vitality in their ministry endeavors. By anchoring his teachings in the timeless wisdom of Scripture and the enduring presence of God, Pastor Madden empowers pastors to find their vision in God's character and faithfulness, ensuring that they remain steadfast in their calling amidst life's uncertainties. Through the "Paths in Ministry" course, Pastor Jerry Madden embodies a beacon of hope and wisdom, guiding aspiring ministers on a transformative journey toward authentic and impactful ministry.
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