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Sharing the Gospel with Youth

Understand why some teens choose not to believe and learn effective models for sharing the Gospel with you.
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Course Description

God desires every person to come to faith in Christ, but that does not mean we evangelize to teens the same way we would approach children or adults. In this course, Dr. Dave Keehn, will help you to understand why some teens choose not to believe. Additionally, you will learn effective models for sharing the Gospel with youth.

Presenter: Dr. Dave Keehn

Dave has served for over 30 years in youth ministry in both small and large churches. After teaching ministry courses as an adjunct for 12 years at Talbot School of Theology and Biola University, he joined the faculty in the fall of 2009. His passion is to develop church leaders for future generations. His expertise is in developing ministry programs to reach and disciple the millennial generation and their families. He has spoken at numerous conferences and serves as the teaching pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in San Clemente, California in the USA.

About OneHope Ministry

In partnership with local churches, ministries, and governments around the world, OneHope has reached more than 1.7 billion children and youth with God’s Word. Based on in-country research OneHope conducts, Scripture programs are designed to be age and culturally relevant. Since 1987, OneHope has helped kids experience God’s Story, sharing the life-changing message of hope with children and youth in every country.

Course Lessons