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Spiritual Disciplines

Deepening Your Spiritual Life
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Course Description

This online course, led by instructor Donald Bennett, is designed to guide participants through an enlightening journey of spiritual growth and transformation. The course delves into the significance of spiritual disciplines as vital tools for developing a deeper relationship with God, personal transformation, and cultivating Christlikeness. It emphasizes the collaborative process between individuals and God, highlighting how spiritual disciplines facilitate this partnership. The course explores various spiritual disciplines, their biblical foundations, practical applications, and the role they play in fostering spiritual growth.
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Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Donald Bennett

Hello, I am Dr. Donald Bennett, and I am teaching this class on spiritual disciplines because I am passionate about helping individuals embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and Christlikeness. Throughout this course, I emphasize the profound significance of spiritual disciplines in deepening one's relationship with God and facilitating personal transformation. Drawing parallels between an ultramarathon runner's discipline and spiritual practice, I stress the dedication and effort required for both. By referencing the wisdom of Christian authors such as Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, and Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, I aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. My teaching approach focuses on breaking down complex concepts into practical steps, making these disciplines accessible to learners from all backgrounds. Ultimately, my mission is to empower individuals to cooperate with God's work and embark on a journey of spiritual growth, fulfilling their vision, intention, and means to pursue Christlikeness.
Patrick Jones - Course author