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The Right Now Word

Learn the fundamentals of effective preaching.
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Course Description

This course discusses the vital importance and place of preaching in today's world and analyzes both technical and practical skills needed in sermon preparation and delivery. Students will learn how to communicate the gospel message to their listening congregations and online audiences with clarity, conviction, and relevance while remaining faithful to the tenants of the faith. This is a fundamental course for those called to preaching ministry.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

William A. Lee, Jr.

I am William A. Lee, Jr., an evangelist, pastor, mentor and teacher presently serving as international revivalist and Urban Ministry consultant for the Church of God. I am teaching the course titled, “A Right Now Word,” with the vision of equipping today´s God-called preachers with the knowledge and skills to speak to this generation with divine enablement, authority, and clarity.

After 18 years of Pastoral Ministry and more than 25 years of Evangelism, I have found the ministry of preaching to be a central driving force to ministry effectiveness and success. It is now my burden to pass on skills, principles, and practices that I’ve held over the years that God has used to open doors for this ministry throughout the world. I am delighted to have this opportunity to help prepare the next generation to speak to their time and milieu where God has strategically placed them.
Patrick Jones - Course author